The Function of Braces Rubber Band?

Braces are made with many materials but in every material, you will always find rubber band. Basically, it is not braces rubber band because rubber has different function in your braces treatment. Sometimes you might ask why dentist always use rubber band with braces. What is the correlation between braces and rubber? You need to know exactly the function and purpose of rubber band in your mouth while wearing braces.

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What is Braces Rubber Bands

Basically, braces rubber bands are important parts in orthodontic treatments because mainly, it connects the force necessary in moving your teeth and also jaw to the right alignment. Rubber is used in several parts of your braces. From many parts of your braces, the important thing for rubber to take action is in the inter arch rubber bands to adjust jaw and bite position.

This thing will be connected to brackets by hooks and often connecting the top part of your tooth brackets. The purpose is to adjust the position between your teeth inside your mouth and also jaw position. This thing will help in making sure that the teeth will be lined up properly. However, you need to know how to take care of it.

Thus rubber needs to be removed if you want to eat and also clean your teeth with brackets. They need to be replaced daily since they endure the wear. Though it is important, not every person gets this rubber inside their braces. It depends on the jaw alignment and also the dentists’ suggestion to you because your dentist will know what us the best for you. Shortly, the rubber bands will help you in correcting the malocclusion.

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As you know that rubber bands have different length and also colors. It will slow down the growth of jaws and correct cross bite. Certain types of brackets have different hook and the elastics will be stretched in different ways too. Some dentists might have it in brackets.

However, rubber on posterior brackets is difficult to clean so most of them have it on the molar and cuspid brackets. The hooks also can be used in many different attachments to help in moving the teeth. Though rubber can be use in different configurations, but normally dentists will use it in inter arch from top to bottom, front to back and side to side. You can consult it first to your dentist whether it is necessary for you to wear it or not.

It is better for you to know the function of braces rubber band instead of just wearing it without knowing the parts of your braces.


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