What Are Ceramic Braces?

For some people, wearing braces is a must to repair and fix their teeth back to you were child before. However, some of them are not confident to wear braces because it can annoy their appearance and others will see them strange. You can still be a stylish person if you wear ceramic braces. It will blend perfectly with your teeth so people won’t see it clearly of you wear braces unless you come closer to them and show your teeth.

ceramic braces with white wire
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Is It Good to Have Ceramic Braces?

Just like the name, ceramic braces can be described as clear braces but it is different from invisible braces. You can still see the braces but not in metal color since it is used tooth colored brackets. It means, the color of brackets is translucent so it will be less noticeable. You can still smile widely without hiding your teeth just like wearing metal braces. Also, it can be worn for both children and adults.

Not just the brackets can be colored because you can color the wires too but you need progressed treatment to strengthen the metal wires. If the damage of your teeth is normal, you can wear that for six months only but you have to follow the instruction given from the dentist for you.

ceramic braces vs metal braces
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If you break the instruction, you may wear it longer and you don’t want that to happen. Many advantages you can get by wearing ceramic like precision cut, cost effective and discreet. In wearing these braces, you can’t do alone and you need the help from the dentist you can trust.

Basically, fitting the ceramic brackets is simple because all you need is dry and cleaned teeth before the dentist apply a product to each tooth. Then, the dentist will use a tool called a suction tube for the whole process to avoid excess moisture on the surface of the teeth. After your teeth are clean, then each ceramic will be glued on your teeth individually. After this process is done, the next step will be done.

A very thin wire will be threaded to each ceramic and held by small elastic with clear color. The thick wire will slowly progress during the movement of your teeth to the perfect position. After the ceramic is perfectly fit on you, you need to see the dentist on every eight two twelve weeks because the dentist wants to see the change and adjust the wire if it is necessary. In every visit, you may feel discomfort but it is normal since your teeth are back to normal position.

After knowing all about ceramic braces, you can use it for your reference in choosing the best braces to straighten your teeth based on your needs and budget.


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