More About Damon Braces?

Your appearance will affect you life and self esteem. If you are in a good condition, then you will make a great impression to others. That is why you need to keep your teeth in a good condition too using braces. There are some types you can choose based on your needs but some people might choose damon braces. Perhaps, you don’t know about it and if you are interested in wearing it, you need to know more details about this tool.

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The Benefits of Damon Braces

You may already know about metal braces, invisible braces and so on. But have you ever heard about damon braces? It is self ligating braces which are fitted in the same way like the traditional one that is metal braces. But in metal, the brackets are tightened and you need to adjust it regularly to your dentists.

In damon, dentists will use slide mechanism that will be attached from the wires to the brackets in order to make it move naturally with the teeth. It will make you more comfortable, less pain, better appearance and it can give strong result after you release your braces. Unlike the other braces, damon use unique and different method to move your teeth to the right position like before.

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This damon will be applied to memory wire that will connect slide brackets without giving any pressure like traditional elastics that are often produced. After that, damon will be set to move the teeth gradually over time. There are no force at all unlike the traditional one made of metal.

If you talk about benefits and advantages, damon offers more than just metal braces. Appearance is the first advantage you may get from the damon because it is made aesthetically great and it is virtually invisible. If you talk about treatment, then damon needs faster time then metal. You just need to wear this damon about 7,2 months only and it is not like traditional one. Maintenance is also included.

You just need half from your full appointments to get this appliance adjust manually. Also, because damon has no force, it means you may feel less pain than metal braces. After that, it will give you less friction because damon can reduce deterioration and erosion for your teeth.

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Sometimes many people are dealing with bacteria and plaque while wearing braces especially metal. However, damon braces are good to prevent the growth of bacteria during your treatment.

That is the explanation of damon braces you need to know and you can use that as reference in deciding your perfect braces because once you wear it, you can’t change it into another type.


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  1. Damon braces can move your teeth faster than other braces. Because it uses light memory-shaped that continuously force the damon system and allow them to move easily within the brackets. In today’s time many young teens love to wear daomn braces because of their invisibility.

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