4 Disadvantages of Teeth Braces You Need to Know

If you have teeth problems, one way to solve it is wearing braces. Though it is effective to straighten your teeth back but there are some disadvanatges of teeth braces that annoy the patients. Also, someone who wears braces will wear it for long times until based on the dental procedures and how big your teeth problem is. If you have already decided to wear it, you habe to be ready in facing the disadvantages in your daily life.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dental Braces
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What Are Disadvantages of Teeth Braces?

Before wearing braces, it is better for you to know and understand about the disadvantages of teeth braces so you can decide whether you want to wear it or not as the following:

You Need to Wear it Longer

Especially for adults, it tales much time for braces to straighten your teeth so you need to wear it longer. Based on the Gentle Dental Care, adult people can wear braces for about 18 months until three years than teenager. It means you need to deal with this thing longer and if you don’t follow the instruction of the dentist about food and other things related to your braces, then you can wear it longer than before until the dentist says that you can be free from it.

You Can’t Eat Specific Food

In order to make the braces work effectively, you need to avoid some food or your favorite food. Based on the Family Dental Care, if you wear braces to straighten your teeth, you can’t eat several foods like raw carrots, corn with the cob, candy, popcorn, nuts, pretzels and other hard foods that can make damage to the braces. Also, besides avoiding hard foods, you can’t also eat sticky foods like taffy, caramel and gum. Several vegetables are also forbidden so you need to talk to your dentists first what kinds of food you can consume while wearing braces.

Speech Defects

Based on the Bracesreview.com, the one who wears braces will develop a slight like lisp in temporary time. It is true when the dentist installs expander in the conjunction with braces.


If you wear braces for your teeth, it means that you need to see a orthodontist often and visit him monthly for regular checkups. Every time you go to the dentist, he will readjust the braces on your teeth depending on the adjustment level. It that happens, you may feel pain and discomfort for one or two days just like the first day you wore that. The pain feeling will make you hard to sleep or eat.

By knowing the disadvantages of teeth braces, you can be ready to face some problems while wearing it in your daily life.


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