Gold Braces, Is It Real or Fake?

Who says wearing braces can’t make people become stylish? Nowadays, you don’t only find traditional and ordinary braces made of metal since there are many different types that will make you look elegant yet stylish. One of them is called gold braces. Just like the name, it made of 24k gold that you don’t need to ask about the cost anymore since you can think of by yourself. However, the question is, is it good for you?

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Gold Braces To Improve Your Appearance

To make you them look gorgeous, elegant and stylish, people wear gold braces on order to support their appearance. You can see many artists wear it and if you smile widely, people will realize right away that your braces are made of gold with yellow, shine and bright colors.

Based on the research, braces which are made of gold can make you look much smarter and it gives you better looking than the ordinary one. However, if you are ordinary person, then you don’t need to buy the real braces made of gold but you can wear golden braces. No one will know if you just wearing ordinary braces with golden color. There is nothing special with ordinary golden braces except for the yellow color.

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However, many people can’t differentiate whether it is real or not since braces are inside your mouth and your friends may not open your mouth and check the reality. If you want to wear the real braces made of gold, then you need to see a special dentist that offers this kind of braces.

As long as you have money to put the real gold on your teeth individually, you can have it. Because it is so special, so the dentist needs more skill to install this thing. Aside from the material and color, you may not find any difference in its function. So if you ask whether it is real or not, the answer is yes and also no. If you just want ordinary braces with golden color, most dentists offer this thing for you who want it.

gold braces review

It is made of ordinary stainless steel with golden coating. To maintain the color, you need to see dentist often. Usually, to make golden braces, the colors that are used between zirconium nitride and titanium nitride. These two chemical ingredients can produce shiny and golden color coating just like the real gold. Moreover, they are safe to be used as the braces in your mouth. Another fact is, they are cheaper than the real gold so you may not spend much money for that.

Which one you choose then, the real gold braces or the fake one? It is based on your thought and your money.


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