Making Teeth Braces at Home Using Rubber Band

Though braces are effective to fix and straighten your teeth, but it doesn’t mean that everybody can wear it. Perhaps time and money are the problems that you can’t face it. That is why you can make teeth braces at home using simple materials you can find around you. Making braces alone can reduce the cost and also your time if you don’t have many chances to see a dentist because of your work that will not allow you to go.

teeth braces at home how to make homemade braces that work
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MakingTeeth Braces at Home Without Money

It is not hard to make teeth braces at home without help from others and it is quite effective just like the real braces you know in dentists such as:

You can make teeth braces easily with your rubber band. You just need to prepare the right size of rubber band. You need one rubber band that can fit on your whole teeth especially your front teeth and around the back. The best type of rubber band that will be perfect for your teeth is small one. Usually it is used to create tiny braids and you can find it easily in beauty stores.

Cut the rubber band until it forms a line. After that, get butterfly earring backs. In every earring back, you may find hook and that was what you use to make this fake braces. Snap one back of earring for every tooth which is visible when you open your mouth or even smile. Count the earring back and your tooth. After that, put them all on the rubber with the flat part of the back against your tooth and the bumps face outwards. It will be the brackets.

If you have done in putting them all onto the rubber, then put your fake braces around your teeth carefully. Stretch the band very gently so it won’t snap. If the fake braces are already looped around your teeth, then you have to adjust the earring backs until it is centered on each tooth.

However you have to know that fake braces using butterfly back can cause irritation and it can scratch your teeth if you wear it longer. So make sure to remove it when you are eating and also sleeping. If you are going to brush your teeth, then you need to remove them well. Don’t wear it for longer times and try to make other new braces so you can keep your teeth clean and far form problems.

By knowing the steps to make teeth braces at home, you can save your money and time to see a dentist but you still get the straight teeth as you want.


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